we give back

At Harfield & Associates, we are ever mindful of our privileged work environment and fortunate circumstances. We realize every day just how lucky we all are not to have to worry about food, clothing, shelter, employment – vital necessities that many in this city struggle with on a daily basis. And to make that realization meaningful, we make sure we give back to the community in many ways throughout the year.

Every Christmas, we make a dedicated effort to provide families throughout Vancouver with food for the holiday season. But since 2007, when the need became desperate, we have raised our game. In support of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, we have held raffles, bake sales and barbeques, run errands for other companies, solicited donations from neighbourhood businesses – you name it. With staff and client donations of food and cash, and with matching contributions from Keith Harfield and the company, we are pleased to have collected over 24,000 pounds of food and nearly $86,000 in cash donations. With the Food Bank’s buying power ($1 = $3 worth of food), the multiplier effect means our effective donations have totaled more than $280,000.

To be able to help those in need is not only gratifying, but also serves as a reminder of our mandate: to never take what we have for granted.