Developing Advocates

From a marketer’s perspective, Social Media is about getting people to chat about your service, product or brand. To have them become your advocates. The goal is to get them to speak positively about their interaction, or about the appeal of your enterprise.

Social Media must be conceived and executed with precision, while also being monitored to ensure the marketer is in the same moment as the target. Most importantly, to have any credibility with the target, the dialogue must be relevant in order for the potential advocate to take ownership.

Harfield & Associates determines relevancy, conceives programs, sets goals and processes, and monitors and analyses social media initiatives that work.

Going Guerrilla

Inventive. Amusing. Whimsical. Puzzling. Outrageous. These are the hallmarks of guerrilla marketing, a tactic that turns heads and gets people talking.

Guerrilla marketing has a power that transcends traditional media. It’s about achieving maximum results from minimal resources—much more about matching wits than matching budgets. It’s as different from traditional marketing as guerrilla warfare is from traditional warfare. Rather than marching marketing dollars out like infantry divisions, guerrilla marketers snipe away at their targets using surprise as their greatest weapon. We understand that power and how to use it.

We once earned newspaper and TV coverage for a client using nothing more unusual than a can of chili con carne.

Increasing ROI

Trade shows, sponsorships, end user intercepts, consumer shows, contests, direct mail – these are all solid ways of connecting with prospects. But if you come away from these events without firm contact data, you’re wasting resources.

At Harfield & Associates, we know how to produce quantifiable results for these and other end user touch points. Data capture increases the Return On Investment on your efforts. Properly managed, this information can yield a wealth of new marketing opportunities and budget efficiencies. Maximizing end user touch points delivers outstanding marketing ROI potential.

Maximizing Resources

The most under-utilized asset for most companies is their customer database. Research has repeatedly shown that retaining an existing customer is far less expensive than acquiring a new one. Yet, few companies with extensive customer data actually leverage the power of that information.

At Harfield, we turn raw data into meaningful knowledge. We provide you with highly effective retention strategies which allow you to seize new business opportunities. And most importantly, to take the fullest advantage of the customer relationships you already have.

Specialty Markets

A specialty or niche market represents a unique set of willing buyers for your product or service.  For example, a specialty market may be defined by the ethnic background of consumers within a narrow segment of the general market.

What makes any specialty market so valuable is that the cost of reaching customers is certain to be less than reaching a consumer outside of the target. Those within the specialty market need less information and motivation to act; they already have their “antenna” up for messages geared towards their unique needs.

One good example is the Asian market, which includes people from China, India, Cambodia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. The purchasing power of Southeast Asia alone is more than $40 billion Cdn per year.

Harfield has helped clients successfully communicate with the specialty markets such as this for over 25 years. We have the skills and artistic talent to help you extend the reach of your brand, product or service by tapping into richly rewarding market segments.