Coop Funds

If you have access to co-op ad funding from a manufacturer or franchisor, for example, use them. Harfield & Associates has an enormous depth of experience in utilizing these funds to the advantage of all stakeholders. We co-ordinate stakeholder approval and do all the paperwork. Do not leave these dollars – and the ultra-efficient exposure you can harness – on the table.

Cross promotions are another avenue that can extend ad budgets, enhance target resonance, grab attention and even strengthen the perception of a product, brand or service. Well-chosen relationships can be excellent “news” for the social media channels. Harfield has extensive experience in assessing, structuring, conceiving and seeking out cross promotions that turbo charge our clients’ budgets.

Collective Clout

Associations deliver huge market influence. If you’re a member of a Business Improvement Association, a merchant group, a shopping centre or a brand driven association that pools marketing resources; we should talk.

We have an enormous depth of experience in administering and proactively pursuing funds, facilitating steering committees, executing the full accounting cycle and providing important strategic information that makes efficient use of executives’ time.

We do this while creating strategies that enhance the efforts of the individual stakeholder while moving the collective group forward.