Strategic Design

It’s important to understand the difference between design and ornamentation. In concert with The Big Idea, the creative presentation must work equally hard to deliver the message. Whether it’s grabbing attention with an arresting visual element or providing an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere for information; design is a critical and strategic component of successful communication. From logo development to posters to annual reports, we treat every design challenge with the same high degree of creativity, technical excellence and relevance.


Today, internet marketing tools and social media are the popular new kids on the advertising block. But print ads still have great value for advertisers. According to data from Digital Journal, 8 in 10 Canadians have home access to the internet. That doesn’t mean that Canadians no longer read print publications. Ignoring print media excludes approximately 20% of citizens who still don’t have internet access. Also, print ads are easily targeted and have staying power; newspapers and flyers can remain in the home for days or weeks at a time.


Radio has a long and venerable history among media choices. Over time, it has effectively repositioned itself from being a primary medium, to its place today as a companion medium. Even though people are engaged in other activities while listening, radio has maintained its effectiveness. Being heard on a medium that people depend on for news, entertainment and information can pay powerful rewards. We have extensive experience leveraging the power of sound to our clients’ advantage.


The term “point of sale advertising” generally conjures up images of window posters and shelf-talkers. But point of sale can be virtually anything – from the top of a pizza box or coffee cup sleeve to a plastic dry cleaning bag. Point of sale ads offer ways to diversify advertising campaigns, grab consumer attention and put branded messages into the hands of your most targeted customers. Ask us about the complete street-to-store shelf P.O.S. campaigns for clients over the last 25 years.

Online solutions

A major benefit of online advertising is the immediate publishing of information not limited by geography or time. Another benefit is the advertising budget efficiency allowed. Online ads can be customized and, by employing search engine optimization, can be placed on relevant web pages or alongside search results of related keywords.

Harfield’s online ads for clients have consistently scored among the highest click-through rates.

Out of Home

Virtually anything not heard on radio, seen on television or in your daily newspaper qualifies as ‘out of home’ advertising: billboards, bus shelters, shopping cart ads, mall kiosks – even the scoreboard at your hometown hockey arena. Out of home advertising helps reach consumers who are on the move and can be a compelling means of reinforcing a brand or product message.

And these are but a few of the advertising executions Harfield & Associates can put to work for you. What about product placement? Celebrity endorsement? Mobile billboards? Digital signage? We’ll find the media that’s right for you, based on our overriding rule of thumb: the advertising forms we recommend will always be the ones most relevant to your brand, product or service, and your customers.

Rely on Harfield’s long experience in all media – traditional to new age – to help you craft messages that resonate strongly with your target market.