The big idea

Advertising that works does so by engaging consumers in an emotionally compelling way. Makes the target audience stop to consider your message. Then, provides them with new information; a new insight with which they can relate, presented in a fresh, attention-getting way. In other words, The Big Idea. But that’s only one element. Creative communication also embraces media planning and selection; co-op optimization; strategic promotional partnerships; common brand or group associations; advocacy marketing through social media; budgeting ROI; database mining; and, above all else, what we believe in at Harfield & Associates: relevancy.

The Sweet Spot

Harfield & Associates has the experience and acumen to research, evaluate and create a strategy and execution enroute to the media “sweet spot” – the solution by which your budget is truly optimized. Harfield has always operated on a “no commissions, no multiple markups” basis. As such, we are a bias-free, media-neutral agency. Our singular focus is to design the right blend of media that finds your target, creates the greatest voice for your budget, and makes the strongest impact.

Jungle Navigation

In just the last few years, media alternatives have proliferated exponentially. Traditional options such as print and electronic media have been joined by such digital choices as Twitter, Facebook, podcasts, viral media, mobile billboards, in-game advertising, web ads and many others. It’s easy to get lost in a virtual forest of possibilities.

However, one essential question remains: which media choices, digital or otherwise, are relevant to your business, service or product.
Our media planners have the skill set, the familiarity with the newest trends, the deep media experience, the up-to-the-minute knowledge and the analytical expertise to successfully navigate the media jungle and maximize your budget.

Balancing Act

Here’s the course of action we take in managing the effectiveness of your media plan, and developing an integrated media strategy:

  • Prioritize goals and expectations;
  • Research and analyse the target’s media habits;
  • Research and evaluate the relevance, executional and budget efficiencies;
  • Optimize the budget through research and media mix modeling;
  • Negotiate the plan, constantly probing for enhanced value;
  • Traffic the creative to the plan and monitor the execution.

Analyze, adjust, analyze and adjust again.